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About Us

We like to make things happen and facilitate easy transactions from manufacturers to wholesale distributors. We make our calls and we take care of the problems that come up from time to time. With our strong presence in our markets we make this easy for everyone. We want to be the number one sales agent for the lines we carry and we work hard to make that happen.

K&S Logo

K & S Enterprises was founded by Sam and Kristin Villyard in 1999.  Presently, with our current sales force, we have over 50 years combined experience in the plumbing and wholesale marketplaces we serve. We also have many other wholesale relationships with Irrigation, Pool and Spa and Agricultural and Industrial distributors. K & S was established to provide manufacturers hard working representatives willing to fight for them.  Also, to offer these independent wholesalers the support they need to move the products we sell. K & S Enterprises currently has three full time sales representatives in the Sacramento, Fresno and Bay area.

Over the last 30 years, Sam has dedicated his time to building a vast network of customers and a highly educated team of sales personnel. Sam’s transparent and honest approach allows him to establish business relationships beyond a short term sale. For more information, view our line card here.

Our Team

Sam Villyard

phone: 1 (925) 580-4159

Kristin Villyard

phone: 1 (925) 382-3159

Tracey Chu

phone: 1 (630) 853-3594

Sam Hite

phone: 1 (562) 756-8157

Samantha Goodrich

phone: 1 (925) 639-9966

Lucas Wang

phone: 1 (916) 335-9637

Charlie Villyard

phone: 1 (415) 359-5692

“We Believe in Fluid Motion.”